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Blob Chorus

Blob Chorus

I ran across this “game” last week and had to try it out with my classes. I used it from PreK – 5th grade and it was a huge hit. It’s an ear training game where you pick which blob matches pitch with the King blob. If you pick the wrong blob, that blob blows up (I think my students missed some on purpose just to see it blow, it was pretty funny). You can choose from 2 blobs and go as high as 8 blobs. I think it’s a great way to work on ear training. Even my PreK classes did pretty well.


Staff Wars

Staff Wars is the best thing I’ve found to teach my students how to read music. It’s modeled after Star Wars and the object of the game is to shoot down the note before it gets to the laser.

After every 10 right answers the notes speed up. Like your typical game each player has 3 lives. If that wasn’t enough you can pick, treble, bass and now alto clef.

But wait there’s more…. v2.2 allows you to pick any instrument and if you have a mic on your computer, students can use and play anything from a recorder to a trumpet to shoot the notes down. AND the best thing is, it’s free!!

I keep a high score list on the board for each grade. Many students have downloaded it to their personal computers so if they email me or bring me a screen shot of their score I add them to the high score list.

To download this game just visit The Music Interactive

This is a great site, plus the majority or their files are free or around $5.